Vampire Clay (2018)
Ep 1


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Vampire Clay (2018)

chi o suu nendo

Movie , Horror , Japanese | Episode 1

5.5 1089 10 0


From Japanese special effects master Soichi Umezawa comes a singular horror experience in a wildly hilarious marriage of The Blob and The Evil Dead. After studying in Tokyo, Kaori returns to Aina Academy to finish her prep classes for art school. Quickly outshining her jealous classmates, she soon becomes the star of the class when she discovers a bag of old, mysterious clay and uses it for sculpting assignments. Things begin to get strange, however, when students' projects are destroyed and one of Kaori's classroom rivals disappears. As the students uncover that the clay is possessed by an artist who previously owned the building and died tragically in his workshop, the school finds itself attacked by a gang of murderous, bloodthirsty clay "vampires." The monsters begin to impersonate--and subsequently devour--the students, thus answering the age-old question: can art be so bad that it kills? Rest assured: you've never experienced a movie like Vampire Clay. 


Tsuda Kanji Kyozo Fushimi Support Role
Kurosawa Asuka Yuri Aina Main Role


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