The Face Reader (2013)


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The Face Reader (2013)

Gwansang, Physiognomy, 관상

Movie , Comedy , Historical , Political , Korean | 142 Min

5.6 1105 10 0


Set during the seizure of the throne by Sejo of Joseon in the year 1455, the movie follows the life of Nae-Kyung. Nae-Kyung, the son of a ruined noble family, goes all around Joseon and studies physiognomy. He is able to assess the personality, mental state and habits of a person by looking at face. He was living in seclusion when he was offered a lucrative partnership by Yeon-Hong, a gaesang. Nae-Kyung accepts the proposal to read the faces of Yeon-Hong’s guests only to get involved in a murder case. With his face reading skills, Nae-Kyung successfully identifies the murderer and his skills are soon acknowledged by King Moonjong who orders him to identify the potential traitors who threaten his reign. However after the unexpected death of Moonjong, Nae-Kyung is courted by Grand Prince Sooyang who yearns to become King himself by killing the young successor Danjong. Nae-Kyung decides to keep his loyalty to the late King and help Kim Jong-Seo protect the young King which forces him into the biggest power struggle in the history of the Joseon dynasty.


Lee Jung Jae Grand Prince Soo Yang Main Role
Song Kang Ho Nae Kyung Main Role
Jo Jung Suk Paeng Hun [Nae Kyung's brother-in-law] Main Role
Kim Hye Soo Yeon Hong (Gisaeng) Main Role
Baek Yoon Shik Kim Jong Seo Main Role
Lee Jong Suk Nae Jin Hyeong [Nae Kyung's son] Main Role
Lee Sang Hong Kim Sang Goo Supporting Role
Jung Gyoo Soo Yeon Hong's assistant Supporting Role
Jang Moon Seok Lee Mong Ga Supporting Role
Yoon Gyung Ho Im Un Supporting Role
Yoo Sang Jae Hong Yoon Sung Supporting Role
Kim Tae Woo King Mun Jong Supporting Role
Lee Chang Jik Hwang Bo In Supporting Role
Seo Hyun Woo Jin Mu Supporting Role
Kim Yeon Soo [Gayageum Gisaeng] Supporting Role
Chae Sang Woo Crown Prince Supporting Role
Lee Kwang Il [Fake eunuch] Supporting Role
Lee Ae Rin Hong Dan Supporting Role
Lee Yoon Gun Jo Sang Yong Supporting Role
Joo Kwang Hyun [Suspect #1] Supporting Role
Kim Wang Geun [Transposed truth] Supporting Role
Yoo Jae Myung [Government official] Guest Role
Lee Kyu Hyung [New eunuch] Guest Role
Go Chang Seok His Excellency Choi Guest Role
Ji Joo Yeon [Gisaeng #1] Guest Role
Park Jin Woo [Jin Hyeong Diagnosis Doctor] Guest Role
Lee Sol Gu [Suspect #2] Guest Role
Woo Sang Jun Han Myung Hoi [Old] Guest Role
Kim Geun Young [Dead woman's mother] Guest Role
Park Yoon Hee Government official Guest Role

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Movie , Comedy , Historical , Political , Korean


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