Neko Atsume no Ie (2017)
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Neko Atsume no Ie (2017)


Movie , Animals , Japanese | Episodes 1

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Masaru Sakumoto is a best selling novelist, but, recently, he has been unable to write. To turn over a new leaf, he moves to a new house, but things do not get better. One day, while Masaru looks at his yard, a cat comes over. He talks to the cat, but the cat leaves. At night, Masaru places dried food out in the yard and falls asleep. The next morning, he finds that the food is gone and he begins interacting with cats that come to his yard.


Taguchi Tomorowo Asakusa Support Role
Toda Masahiro Support Role
Okubo Kayoko [Real estate agent] Support Role
Kimura Tae Yoko Support Role
Ito Atsushi Masaru Sakumoto Main Role
Kutsuna Shiori Michiru Towada Main Role


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