My Annoying Brother (2016)


My Annoying Brother (2016)

Brother, Older Brother, 형

Movie , Comedy , Family , Romance , Korean | 110 min

6.9 8115 10 0


Du Shik is a shameless swindler who receives a parole sentence after spending some time in jail. He has been away from home for 15 years. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Du Yeong, is a skilled Judo athlete who suffers an accident while participating in a national contest. "Hyung" will tell the story of these two reconnecting brothers and their time living together.


Jo Jung Suk Ko Doo Shik Main Role
Do Kyung Soo Ko Doo Yeong Main Role
Kim Kang Hyun Dae Chang Supporting Role
Park Shin Hye Lee Soo Hyeon Supporting Role
Lee Yeon Soo [Doo Shik's stepmom] Guest Role
Kwon Bum Taek [Janitor] Guest Role
Jung Ji Hoon Doo Yeong [Young] Guest Role
Jo Won Hee [Doo Shik's dad] Guest Role
Goo Hye Ryung [Welfare employee] Guest Role
Lee Do Yeon [girl Doo Young meets at the club] Guest Role
Jung Dong Gyu [Doctor] Guest Role
Im Chul Hyung [Bump into Doo Yeong at clothing store] Guest Role
Ji Dae Han [National University coach] Guest Role
Shim Hoon Gi [Parole officer] Guest Role
Son San [Parole officer] Guest Role
Lee Sang Hoon [Welfare employee] Guest Role
Kang Doo [Foreign car dealer] Guest Role
Son Mi Hee [Hallway nurse] Guest Role

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Movie , Comedy , Family , Romance , Korean


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