Kuroido Goroshi (2018)
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Kuroido Goroshi (2018)


Movie , Crime , Detective , Historical , Investigation , Mystery , Japanese | Episodes 1

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March 1952, the only doctor in the village Shiba had found a dead body of Sanako. The cause of death is overdose of sleeping pills. Sanako had been suspected for killing her own husband so Dr. Shiba’s sister Kana is guessing that she has committed suicide due to being tormented by killing her husband. Everyone who was in Mr. Kuroido’s house is the suspect, including all the members of Kuroido family, butler, secretary, maids, etc. The Detective Suguro (Hercule Poirot) will investigate the case. Dr. Shiba will be assisting him. As things are searched by them, a shocking fact has been brought to light… ~ Based on the classic novel "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" by Agatha Christie.


Mukai Osamu Hyodo Haruo Support Role
Mitani Koki Screenwriter
Matsuoka Mayu Kuroido Hanako Support Role
Oizumi Yo Shiba Heisuke (Doctor) Main Role
Nomura Mansai Private Detective Suguro Takeru Main Role


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