Detour (2016)
Ep 1


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Detour (2016)


Movie , Comedy , Drama , Friendship , Korean | Episode 1

5.5 595 10 0


Three people get a call about a passing one day and they reunite in Jeju: Joong Pil, who attends a major company and hopes for retirement, Soo Tak, who has been taking the public worker exam for 13 years, and Eun Dong, a news anchor who looks normal on the outside but is soft on the inside.


Choi Hyun Joon [Eun Dong's son] Support Role
Ji Eun Sung Joong Pil [young] Support Role
Kim Ji An Sun Mi [young] Support Role
Yoo Da In Na Rae Support Role
Jang Sung Bum Soo Tak [young] Support Role
Jung Eun Sung Female Announcer Support Role
Jo Eun Sook Sun Mi Support Role
Han Ye Won Ruby Support Role
Jo Seung Hee Cho Rong Support Role
Go Eun Sung Eun Dong [young] Support Role
Park Hee Soon Soo Tak Main Role
Shin Ha Kyun Joong Pil Main Role
Oh Man Suk Eun Dong Main Role
Jung Shin Hye nameless beauty Guest Role


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