The Lion's Secret (2021)


Drama , Action , Business , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 33

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The story of the lion and the lazy cat follows two people who get married first before falling in love. Mu WanQing is a successful lady CEO and Liu Qing is an unemployed former soldier. Mu WanQing and Liu Qing's first encounter was on their wedding day. With no feelings for each other, their relationship started out hostile until it turns into one of mutual love and support. Liu Qing helps Mu WanQing resolve the crises in her company while at the same time averting the provocations from her ex-boyfriend. As their love is severely tested, a bigger challenge rises to the surface. In order to fulfill the wishes of their elders, they start on a journey to Thailand. 


Ryan Hsu Support Role
Steven Dasz Bit part
Shi Shi Support Role
Tsou Jason Support Role
Jiang Xue Ming Support Role
Li Guang Fu Support Role
Jian Ze Zheng Support Role
Liu Min Ting Support Role
Liu Xue Hua Support Role
Zhang Han Support Role
Sui Yong Liang Support Role
Dawn Chen Support Role
Zach Lu Support Role
Chang Han Support Role
Rong Rong Support Role
Lan Man Yu Support Role
Fang Xiao Li Support Role
Chen Yu Ming Support Role
Zhang Shen Support Role
Chi Guo Dong Support Role
Li Yu Su Support Role
Xie Cheng Ying Support Role
Yue Yang Support Role
Jiang Rong Support Role
Zhu Dong Ning Support Role
Sean Pai Support Role
Zhao Cui Wei Support Role
Shao Yan Yuan Support Role
Wang Zheng Jia Support Role
Zhu Ya Wen Main Role
Yang Zi Shan Main Role
Li Yuan Main Role
He Mike Main Role
Qi Xin Rui Guest Role
Zhang Yin Long Guest Role
Xiao Tian Ren Guest Role
Ao Wu Chang Unknown Role


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