Teppachi! (2022)


Drama , Drama , Military , Youth , Japanese | Episodes 10+

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During his high school days, Kokusho Hiroshi was the rugby club’s ace who attracted national attention. However, he sustained injuries owing to his self-centered and aggressive style of playing. He was criticized by his teammates and remained isolated until he stepped aside. After graduating from high school, he lived a carefree life without a regular job. Then one day, he has a brush with the law because of a fight that gets him sacked from his job at a construction site and evicted from the apartment that he had been living in for falling behind on the payment of his rent. Hiroshi is at his wits end when a man calls out that he will introduce the perfect job that comes with a fully equipped dorm and three meals a day for someone like him who is proud of his physical strength. It is to work for the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force which defends the country’s peace and security. “With a name like that, weren’t you born to become a member of the Self-Defense Force?” Hiroshi initially refuses but makes a half-hearted decision to become a trainee. Despite the grueling training, this turns out to be his true calling. 


Mizusawa Rintaro Support Role
Fujioka Maito Support Role
Kudo Asuka Support Role
Kiriyama Renn Support Role
Kitamura Kazuki Support Role
Yuki Kousei Support Role
Sakaguchi Ryotaro Support Role
Sato Kanta Support Role
Kubota Yuki Support Role
Shiraishi Mai Support Role
Ichinose Hayate Support Role
Sugawara Takuma Support Role
Sano Hayato Support Role
Tokito Yuki Support Role
Ikeda Eikichi Support Role
Minami Shouta Support Role
Sato Genki Support Role
Moriya Hayato Support Role
Fujita Yuya Support Role
Murai Takanori Support Role
Tanaka Kentaro Support Role
Murakoshi Ryota Support Role
Fukui Takahiro Support Role
Shimizu Takanori Support Role
Machida Keita Main Role
Terada Muroran Guest Role
Hayashi Kazuyoshi Guest Role
Yamaguchi Kaori Guest Role
Hida Yasuhito Guest Role
Kobayashi Hiroshi Guest Role
Tanaka Hanna Guest Role
Yoshimura Kento Guest Role
Yamamoto Osamu Guest Role
Tsutsui Takumi Guest Role
Ishikawa Junichi Unknown Role
Seki Erika Unknown Role
Honda Takaaki Unknown Role


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