SPEC: Birth (2010)

SPEC〜警視庁公安部公安第五課 未詳事件特別対策係事件簿〜

Drama , Comedy , Mystery , Supernatural | Episodes 10

4.5 9 10 0


The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has set up a special department named Mishou (Unidentified Crimes Unit) for hard to crack cases without evidence, witnesses, or involving special organizations. These cases are beyond the scope of Keizoku (First Investigative Division’s Unsolved Crimes Unit). The section chief for Mishou is Kotaro Nonomura. He is a senior in age with a dignified look, so usually, nobody blames him even though his answers are evasive. Saya Toma is a young woman with an IQ of 201. With her amazing intellect, she became part of the faculty at the Department of Science at Kyoto University without schooling. Takeru Sebumi is an excellent career detective. He was picked for the Metropolitan Police Department's SIT unit and became platoon leader by the young age of 27. He is also highly skilled with guns and the martial arts. Saya Toma and Takeru Sebumi work on cases for Mishou first by postulating the "SPEC" of the unknown criminals. They then deduce the criminal's unknown "SPEC" and use this information to trap the criminals. 


Fukuda Saki Support Role
Tanaka Tetsushi Support Role
Ryu Raita Support Role
Tokui Yuu Support Role
Shirota Yu Support Role
Shiina Kippei Support Role
Matsuzawa Kazuyuki Support Role
Kamiki Ryunosuke Support Role
Sainei Ryuji Support Role
Okada Kohki Support Role
Arimura Kasumi Support Role
Yasuda Ken Support Role
Kase Ryo Main Role
Toda Erika Main Role
Takito Kenichi Guest Role
Mano Erina Guest Role
Sano Shiro Guest Role
Yamauchi Takaya Guest Role
Saito Takumi Guest Role
Shimizu Yutaka Guest Role
Miura Yui Guest Role
Kaneko Ken Guest Role
Higashino Koji Guest Role
Kamiyama Ryuji Guest Role
Nagata Anna Guest Role
Ishibashi Renji Guest Role
Nishihara Aki Guest Role
Omori Akemi Guest Role
Kamikawa Takaya Guest Role
Gozu Takeo Guest Role
Omori Nao Guest Role
Okunuki Kaoru Guest Role
Ishida Eri Guest Role
Masana Bokuzo Guest Role
Moriwaki Eriko Guest Role
Okada Yoshinori Guest Role
Imai Natsuki Unknown Role
Kaneko Fuminori Unknown Role
Ueda Hiroki Unknown Role
Tsutsumi Yukihiko Unknown Role


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