Simmer Down (2022)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Family , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 40

5.9 86 10 0


Communication is the key to forming bonds between people. This is a story that follows ordinary disputes and revolves around a TV host who works as a mediator. Simmer Down is a TV show with a unique concept to mediate between aggrieved parties. Its host Yang Guang excels at his job, but he was never willing to get himself directly involved nor does he know how to act when the problem comes knocking at his own door. When lawyer Liao Wang appeared before him on behalf of his mother who left him 30 years ago to claim their old house, Yang Guang has no choice but to face his family problems that he's been avoiding throughout his life. Meanwhile, the arrival of a new host threatens Yang Guang's livelihood. Can he find a way out of his conundrum? 


Bai Yi Hong Support Role
Zhou Xiao Bin Support Role
Wei Qing Support Role
Sunny Hao Support Role
Wang Zhifei Support Role
Fang Alen Support Role
Zhang Guo Qing Support Role
Chen Wei Support Role
Zhang Ming Can Support Role
Lai Yi Support Role
Ni Da Hong Support Role
Wang Si Si Support Role
Su Xiao Ming Support Role
Cheng Zhao Ge Support Role
Zhu Jin Tong Support Role
Xu Mei Ling Support Role
Qi Han Support Role
Wang David Support Role
Kong Lin Support Role
Hou Yan Song Support Role
Zhang Guang Bei Support Role
Tu Ling Support Role
Li Zeng Support Role
Feng Bo Support Role
Wang Zi Zi Support Role
Chen Xiao Main Role
Wang Xiao Chen Main Role
Han Shuo Guest Role
Gong Mi Guest Role
Chinnell Wen Guest Role
Xu Lei Zhi Guest Role
Zhang Da Bao Guest Role
Xu Wai Luo Guest Role
Zhang Zhan Shuo Guest Role
Chu Zhen Guest Role
Xiao Hui Guest Role
Li Kun Guest Role
Hao Ming Qi Guest Role
Louis Lou Guest Role
Zhou Shi Qi Guest Role
Cai Jia Ming Guest Role
Zhang Xuan Guest Role
Pang Yi Xin Guest Role
Xiang Hao Guest Role
Yue Yang Guest Role
Kang Qun Zhi Guest Role
Chen Xu Ming Guest Role
Hao Wen Ting Guest Role
Wang Bo Zhao Guest Role
Gao Yu Qing Guest Role
Li Sha Guest Role
Ge Zhao Mei Guest Role


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