Rewriting Destiny (2022)


Drama , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 24

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Xia Yu Bing is a minor and somewhat unpleasant and malevolent character in a universe – set in Ancient China – dreamed up by a comic book author. She dies early in the “story,” after being poisoned by her husband Xu Zi Yan. But after she is killed, the author confronts her in a sort of comic book afterlife space and tells her that she will have the chance to be re-spawned. Furthermore, she learns, if she plays her cards right, she will be able to become the “female lead” and a “good” character in the story. She comes back to “life,” but finds that becoming a “goodie” isn’t an easy task. Xu Zi Yan is still determined to wipe her out and conduct ghastly experiments on her body. And on top of it all, a number of other “characters” in the story now have it in for her – including female characters who also want to be the main heroine. A number of other minor characters also block her way or plot her downfall. But as she spends more time with Xu Zi Yan – all the while trying to avoid his plans to destroy her – an unlikely bond begins to form between them. Will Cupid become her ally in Xia Yu Bing’s bid to become the ultimate female lead? 


Hu Bo Wen Support Role
Hu Dan Dan Support Role
Deng Fei Support Role
Xing Wen Jie Support Role
Xu Bing Chao Support Role
Liu Yao Yuan Support Role
Huang Ji Support Role
Thea Xi Support Role
Gao Ming Chen Support Role
Chen Liang Yan Support Role
Zhang Di Support Role
Zhang Yin Long Support Role
You Hao Ran Support Role
Song Hua Chen Support Role
Li Ge Yang Main Role
Dong Si Yi Main Role
Jin Xiong Hao Unknown Role


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