Monster Parent (2008)


Drama , Drama , Family , Law , School , Japanese | Episodes 11

7.5 15 10 0


Monster parents-a neologism that denotes parents who repeatedly make unreasonable demands to their children's school and prevent it from functioning normally. Takamura Itsuki is the ace lawyer of a major law firm. One day, she is assigned on a case requested by a school board, and learns of the existence of "monster parents." She meets a parent who wants the school to fire a teacher with a dialect for fear that he may exert bad influence on her child, a parent who insists that her son get a regular position on the soccer team, a parent who refuses to pay the lunch fee because it doesn't taste good and so on. She is, at first, reluctant about this case, but gradually becomes determined to solve the problems.


Sasaki Kuranosuke Support Role
Kusakari Masao Support Role
Kadono Takuzo Support Role
Otomo Minami Support Role
Shimoyama Aoi Support Role
Nukumizu Youichi Support Role
Kazami Shingo Support Role
Hiraoka Yuta Support Role
Mashima Hidekazu Support Role
Yonekura Ryoko Main Role
Aikawa Sho Guest Role
Kimura Yoshino Guest Role
Takahashi Hitomi Guest Role
Shoji Yusuke Guest Role
Uchida Shige Guest Role
Hagiwara Riku Guest Role
Nomaguchi Tohru Guest Role
Tokui Yuu Guest Role
Nekoze Tsubaki Guest Role
Muroi Shigeru Guest Role
Yoshimoto Nahoko Guest Role
Yabe Kenji Guest Role
Maeda Beverly Guest Role
Furuyama Kentaro Guest Role
Myosei Mayumi Guest Role
Matsuki Rina Guest Role
Miura Rieko Guest Role
Kawashima Naomi Guest Role
Umemiya Masako Guest Role
Hinagata Akiko Guest Role
Katsura Asami Guest Role
Shimegi Enoku Guest Role
Imai Tomohiko Guest Role
Minamino Yoko Guest Role
Yamagami Kenji Guest Role
Fukuhara Haruka Guest Role
Yoshimura Takuya Guest Role
Miyazawa Miho Guest Role
Nakamaru Shinsho Guest Role
Okunuki Kaoru Guest Role
Aijima Kazuyuki Guest Role
Masana Bokuzo Guest Role
Azuma Mikihisa Guest Role
Kamio Yu Guest Role
Minemura Rie Guest Role
Nishioka Tokuma Guest Role
Sato Jiro Guest Role
Takahashi Mitsuomi Guest Role
MEGUMI Guest Role
Ogura Hisahiro Guest Role
Tsutsui Mariko Guest Role
Ohtsuki Takehiro Guest Role
Toji Takao Guest Role
Konno Mahiru Guest Role
Miyagi Yoshiaki Guest Role
Iketani Nobue Guest Role
Kobayashi Yoshinori Unknown Role
Arai Shuuko Unknown Role
Joho Hidenori Unknown Role


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