Invisible (2022)


Drama , Action , Crime , Drama , Mystery , Psychological , Thriller , Japanese | Episodes 10+

6.2 31 10 0


Shimura Takafumi is a detective, who works under an obsessive level belief that criminals must be punished. He will resort to any means to arrest criminals. Due to his excessive behavior, he has been demoted to a special investigation team that works on unsolved cases. He is ordered to work with Kiriko. Kiriko is known as Invisible, the crime coordinator in the underworld. She mediates transactions for organized criminals. Kiriko flies under the radar of many and even only a few in the police department are aware of her existence. One day, Kiriko suddenly offers to help the police arrest criminals. She is willing to provide information on unsolved cases and violent criminals. Her only condition is that she wants to work with Shimura Takafumi.


Takenori Goto Support Role
Sakou Yoshi Support Role
Harada Taizo Support Role
Itagaki Rihito Support Role
Arioka Daiki Support Role
Ohno Ito Support Role
Tanaka Makoto Support Role
Kiritani Kenta Support Role
Yamazaki Ginnojou Support Role
Tani Kyosuke Support Role
Hotta Akane Support Role
Yuki Moe Support Role
Murai Ryota Support Role
Nishimura Motoki Support Role
Naito Daigo Support Role
Takahashi Issei Main Role
Shibasaki Kou Main Role
Suzunosuke Guest Role
Nagayama Kento Guest Role
Gin Pun Chou Guest Role
Morioka Ryu Guest Role
Morinaga Toru Guest Role
Hamada Tatsuomi Guest Role
Morita Kokoro Guest Role
Motoki Seiya Guest Role
Irie Jingi Guest Role
Red Rice Guest Role
Iwase Ryo Guest Role
Suzuki Yuria Guest Role
Kaneko Risa Guest Role
Kimura Ibuki Guest Role
Tanaka Haruto Guest Role
Hirano Takahiro Guest Role
Ise Kayo Guest Role
Iriyama Noriko Guest Role
Matsuo Takashi Guest Role
Iwatani Kenji Guest Role
Matsushita Yuki Guest Role
Umegaki Yoshiaki Guest Role
Suwa Taro Guest Role
Konishi Eito Guest Role
Yoshizawa Hisashi Guest Role
Kaname Jun Guest Role
Hisamoto Masami Guest Role
Hirano Kinari Guest Role
Sato Atsushi Unknown Role
Izumi Yoshihiro Unknown Role
Takemura Kentaro Unknown Role


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