Heroes In Harm's Way (2020)


Drama , Drama , Medical , Chinese | Episodes 14

6.8 27 10 0


Tells the story of ordinary folks and their battle against the Covid19 pandemic.


He Ming Han Support Role
Wei Qing Support Role
Liu Vivienne Support Role
Yi Yao Bit part
Qian Jin Support Role
Li Chao Ping Support Role
Yang Liu Bit part
Bai Zhi Di Support Role
Li Taoyu Bit part
Cicilia Cheng Support Role
Du Zhao Bit part
Zhang Ding Han Support Role
Pu Chao Ying Support Role
Tu Song Yan Support Role
Yang Yi Support Role
Ye Zi Support Role
Ren Shuai Support Role
Wang Yong Gui Support Role
Jia Hong Wei Unknown
Chen Yi Sha Bit part
Xiao Tian Bit part
Zhang Jian Feng Bit part
Wang Guo Gang Unknown
Lian Yi Ming Support Role
Ren Min Support Role
Zhang Lu Bit part
Huang Jun Peng Support Role
Lu Jia Ni Bit part
Su Qing Support Role
Liu Zhi Bing Support Role
Wu Lian Sheng Bit part
Chi Zhi Qiang Support Role
Meng A Sai Support Role
Yu Yi Support Role
Zhang Jia He Support Role
Liu Prince Support Role
Xie Xing Yang Support Role
He Si Tian Bit part
Dong Li Support Role
Coco Support Role
Jia Xiao Han Support Role
Zhu Huai Xu Support Role
Zhang Qi Bit part
Ni Song Yang Bit part
Lu Yi Ding Bit part
Chen Shu Main Role
Niu Jun Feng Main Role
Ma Tian Yu Main Role
Wang Zhifei Main Role
Han Cecilia Main Role
Yang Zhi Gang Main Role
Zhang Ming En Main Role
Cheng Cheng Main Role
Li Yi Xiao Main Role
Xiao Yan Main Role
Kan Adi Main Role
Sa Ri Na Main Role
Xu Jiao Main Role
Chen Taisheng Main Role
Jiang Yan Main Role
Yue Li Na Guest Role
Tong Da Wei Guest Role
Wang Li Yuan Guest Role
Xiao Zhan Guest Role
He Wei Ran Guest Role
Zhang Li Ming Guest Role
Xin Yu Guest Role
Jin Bo Guest Role
Li Sheng Ye Guest Role
Zi Wei Guest Role
Zheng Wei Li Guest Role
Xu Huan Shan Guest Role
Jolin Jin Guest Role
Wang Lan Guest Role
Niu Bao Jun Guest Role
Guo Jing Yu Unknown Role
Tian Liang Liang Unknown Role
Zou Xi Unknown Role
Ju Xing Mao Unknown Role
Zhang Meng Unknown Role
Tang Qi Cen Unknown Role


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