Hatsukoi no Akuma (2022)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Friendship , Mystery , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 10

5.1 23 10 0


“We work at the police, but we have no right to investigate!” Detective Shikahama Suzunosuke is currently suspended from work after a screwup. He gets together with Mabuchi Haruhi from the Administration Bureau, Tsumiki Sesuna from the Community Safety Bureau, and Kotori Ruka from Accounting. All from different departments and carrying their own baggage, the four join forces. They’re not exactly what you would call champions of justice. They’re not even ambitious enough to go for success. All they want is the truth. Each one carries the burdens of their complicated issues, but they solve complex cases with a sense of perception and deductive reasoning unconventional for detectives. In time, the four develop friendships… and love. But soon enough, they are faced with a much bigger truth. Thus begin their days of feeling like their fate is swallowing them up. 


Mikata Ryosuke Support Role
Sakuma Yui Support Role
Catherine Seto Support Role
Ito Hideaki Support Role
Nishiyama Jun Support Role
Tanaka Yuuko Support Role
Ota Michi Support Role
Hagiwara Minori Support Role
Doi Shiori Support Role
Yasuda Ken Support Role
Taiga Main Role
Hayashi Kento Main Role
Matsuoka Mayu Main Role
Emoto Tasuku Main Role
Nishi Yosuke Guest Role
Yamaya Kasumi Guest Role
Sasai Eisuke Guest Role
Ichinose Ryu Guest Role
Tanida Ayumi Guest Role
Nakamura Kumi Guest Role
Maiguma Katsuya Guest Role
Naito Tomoya Guest Role
Matsuo Takashi Guest Role
Sato Masahiro Guest Role
Takahashi Rai Guest Role
Mitsushima Hikari Guest Role
Shibazaki Fuga Guest Role
Hara Maika Guest Role
Ishimaru Nanami Guest Role
Nakano Yuta Guest Role
Nakazawa Isao Guest Role
Fujimoto Shizuka Guest Role
Yamasaki Hideki Guest Role
Sakamaki Takahiro Guest Role
Ban Yuka Guest Role
Yamaguchi Karin Guest Role
Utagawa Shiiko Guest Role
Ishibashi Kazuma Guest Role
Matsukane Yoneko Guest Role
Konno Hiroki Guest Role
Rokkaku Seiji Guest Role
Sakamoto Yuji Unknown Role
Mizuta Nobuo Unknown Role


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