Challenges at Midlife (2022)


Drama , Drama , Chinese | Episodes 38

5.3 115 10 0


Jian Hong Cheng, the son of the Director of Linshui No.2 Agricultural Machinery Factory, falls in love at first sight with his university classmate Ning Yu. However he was constantly rejected, and only gave up on her when she graduated and got married. His father, Jian Zhi Guo, was injured by his employee Cui Hao, and his health deteriorated, thus passing on the factory to him. In order to secure his son's contracting rights of the factory, Jian Zhi Guo also forces his daughter Jian Min Min to marry his disciple Zhang Li Xin, who temporarily took over as the head of the factory. However, Zhang Li Xin secretly fights for authority. After Jian Zhi Guo passes away, Jian Hong Cheng left his village. Many years later, Yu Ning was betrayed by her husband and got a divorce. Jian Hong Cheng discovers that Zhang Li Xin wanted to sell the factory to pay his debts. Not willing to let his father's efforts go to waste, he returns to his hometown to protect the factory. There, he reunites with Ning Yu and finally finds out the reason why Ning Yu kept rejecting him - she is the daughter of Cui Hao. Jian Hong Cheng uses his ways to solve the crisis at hand. However, Ning Yu's brother, Ning Shu, secretly kept making trouble for him. Jian Hong Cheng and Ning Yu worked together to stop their illogical relatives. Facing constant trifles, the two of them experienced the pain of mid-life which allow them to know each other again and also realize the type of life they truly want. 


Shi Shi Support Role
Guo Qiu Cheng Support Role
Xu Min Support Role
Sun Ning Support Role
He Jun Lin Support Role
Zhu Zi Mo Support Role
Kou Zhi Guo Support Role
Zhang Jian Xin Support Role
Zhou Ye Mang Support Role
Wang Qing Support Role
Martine Ma Support Role
Song Mei Er Support Role
Li Xiao Yan Support Role
Lin Peng Support Role
Zhou Cassie Support Role
Lian Lian Support Role
Liang Guan Hua Support Role
Zhang Lu Support Role
Luo Hai Qiong Support Role
Jiang Bai Xuan Support Role
Huang Jun Peng Support Role
Liu Qiu Shi Support Role
Qian Jie Support Role
Yan Xiao Ping Support Role
Leewei Support Role
Kang Qun Zhi Support Role
Feng Hui Support Role
Zhang Yi Xing Support Role
Jia Jerry Support Role
Li Chao Support Role
Yuan Quan Main Role
Lei Jia Yin Main Role
Jing Yan Jun Guest Role
Wang Chu Ran Guest Role
Zhou Tie Guest Role
Tie Zheng Guest Role
Li Dian Zun Guest Role
Xia Meng Guest Role
Yang Yu Tong Guest Role
Zhang Li Guest Role
Li Nai Wen Guest Role
Zhong Dan Ni Guest Role
Jian Chuan He Unknown Role
Ane Unknown Role
Hou Hong Liang Unknown Role


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