Aibou: Season 4 (2005)

相棒 Season 4

Drama , Action , Drama , Mystery , Thriller , Japanese | Episodes 21

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The Special Mission Task Team is not considered as important as it might sound. It's positioned in the lowest section of the Metropolitan Police Department and headed by Ukyo Sugishita. Together with his partner, Kaoru Kameyama, this team is Japan’s version of The Odd Couple, solving clueless cases in original and outrageous ways. 


Yamanishi Atsushi Support Role
Yamanaka Takashi Support Role
Kishibe Ittoku Support Role
Sakata Tadashi Support Role
Otoo Takuma Support Role
Inukai Junji Support Role
Ikeda Satoshi Unknown
Ezawa Moeko Unknown
Rokkaku Seiji Support Role
Takasugi Mizuho Support Role
Mizutani Yutaka Main Role
Nakamura Tomoya Guest Role
Yamashita Yorie Guest Role
Isshiki Saiko Guest Role
Togashi Makoto Guest Role
Nanase Natsumi Guest Role
Yamamoto Michiko Guest Role
Yoshitani Ayako Guest Role
Miwa Hitomi Guest Role
Kasai Kenji Guest Role
Otakara Tomoko Guest Role
Watanabe Takuto Guest Role
Hashimoto Hajime Unknown Role
Izumi Seiji Unknown Role
Koshimizu Yasuhiro Unknown Role
Ike Yoshihiro Unknown Role
Sakurai Takeharu Unknown Role
Hasebe Yasuharu Unknown Role
Suto Yasushi Unknown Role
Sunamoto Hakaru Unknown Role


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